Yoga in English

Yoga in English



Why not try our Yoga in English courses with our bilingual instructors at the QEE studio ?  


From September on: 

 Yoga classes in English:  Hatha Yoga with Katie on Fridays at 6 PM

Pilates Machines courses in English are also available ! 


See our planning !


Hatha Yoga : The Hatha Yoga serves as an energetic and physical bridge between the work-week and the weekend.  The  session begins with a calming visualisation and breathing exercise, then moves through  flowing sun salutations to warm the body up for longer-held postures – 5-10 breaths – during the standing and seated series, before returning to a state of final relaxation. Each class has  a different theme to encourage you  to connect  your yoga practice with your daily life.


Several instructors can help you during your class as they are bilingual : Meir in Alignment yoga, Christine in Yoga Vinyasa